3 secret strategies for new voice artists


How many times have you thought about entering the voice over industry, but haven’t found tangible steps to help you? This can happen to all of us. The more time passes the less likely we are to begin again. There is a lingering memory of feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure. This is why I created 3 secret strategies for new voice artists.

I teach these 3 secret strategies to my clients. This ensures that when they enter the industry, they feel supported by their peers, get help from professional working voice artists and develop a realistic view of what the industry is all about!

Enter the industry with the tools you need to succeed!

When starting out in the voice over industry, there are often a few questions people have. How do I do it? What do I look for? How do I know the process to take? Is there even a process? Yes yes there is a process! After almost two decades of work in the industry, I can tell you that for certain! We want to ensure we have support when loneliness or the inevitable feast or famine of the industry strikes. We also want to enlist the support of a coach or group to ensure we always practice correct technique.

What are the 3 secret strategies?

The 3 secret strategies for voice artists start with connection. Whatever your professional background, you come to the voice over industry with your own unique skill set and contacts. My clients come from a range of industries such as: professional actors, singers, dancers, speech pathologists, psychologists just to name few!

One of the most important things is connecting with other people who are at the beginning of their journey. A way to do this, that didn’t exist 20 years ago when I was getting started, is to join voice over related Facebook groups.

I am the founder of a free Facebook group called Voiceover Collective, which I would love you to join. We have a beautiful community of people who are either starting their journey, are somewhere in the middle, or are professional voice artists. If you would like to read a bit more about me, please click the link below: https://alexandralopezstudios.com/alexandra-voice-strategist-about-me/

Having these connections means you can consistently reach out to others.  As humans, we thrive through connection. We are hardwired to seek it out and crave it.

What’s the next secret tip?

Tip number two is to find a reputable coach, training program/course to take you from where you are, to where you want to go. You can definitely DIY, but you need to be very aware that it will take a couple of years to really establish yourself and get the techniques right. On the topic of technique, it is so vital to establish good technique early on then practice, practice!

My recommendation is to work with a coach through a course or a program.  You’re working with someone reputable who has walked the path before you.

Another thing is surrounding yourself with people who have done what you want to do! There’s two great things there. One, you get to see somebody in action. And two, it gives you an opportunity to set goals.

What should I keep in mind?

Number three is to always remember that this industry is a wonderful industry. There is so much scope for longevity, for creativity, for flexibility of work, but like any modality in the performing arts, it has a feast or famine nature.

People don’t always want to talk about that. But I will always give you the real view on the industry having been in it for so long. It’s a feast and famine. So sometimes when you are working, there will be that not enough hours in the day. And other times you will have years where you wonder what has happened!

This is just an acceptance that we have to have of the work that we do.

Armed with those three things, you are in a very good place to start your journey.

Connection is a really important thing. Connection to people who are walking the path with you, and others who have already walked the path.

Never underestimate a great coach, a great course or program to help you get on your way and help solidify great technique.

And lastly, being a realist about what the industry is all about and what it offers, is a way to ensure your feet always remain on the ground.



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