Sisters are doing it for each other: Join our supportive community for Performing Mothers

Here’s the story of how the idea of creating a supportive community for performing mothers came to be.

The other day I was doing a voice job and found myself across the booth from Melanie Munt, a really friendly soul who was such a pleasure to work with. I didn’t realise how much we needed each other on that day.

She simply lent away from her mic and said to me, “you don’t happen to be a mum do you?”. Well, I went into a small tailspin thinking, “ Oh no, I’ve got shit or food on my face!”. Do you feel me? I said yes and she said, “Thank God.” I knew she just needed someone to see her and the sheer guts it took to be there that day.

We literally went in and held hands for a few minutes. It was a precious and magic moment where two exhausted mothers looked each other in the eyes and just “got it”. We were in the studio doing our thing together and merely minutes before and I’m sure minutes after we said our goodbyes we were in the thick of all things motherhood. 

Hi there, my name is Alexandra Lopez and that story represents the power of performing mothers coming together. It sums up why I have chosen to be a mentor for mothers in the performing arts.

I have been in the performing arts industry for almost two decades.  I invite you to consider working with me to create a career that inspires you, focuses on your inner self and helps you find your feet in motherhood so you can thrive!

One thing I am sure we can all agree on is the fact that both motherhood and careers in the performing arts can be very isolating and at times, bloody lonely!

I believe there are two reasons for our isolation.

Reasons for isolation among performing mothers

The first one is fierce competition among artists. Work can be scarce and this can create perceived barriers.

The second reason is described so eloquently by Beth Berry creator of Revolution from Home.

Women today have no villages or tribes to support them, which means we either do it alone, or attempt to create a tribe during seasons of our life when we have the least time and energy to do so.

On the flip side, when we hold each other’s hands, work from a place of abundance and embrace all that we do TOGETHER, there is beauty to be found and a profound sense of magic in the togetherness.

Before I became a mother I was on a quest to find out what the hell I was in for. How would I juggle my work and my babies?

I reached out to mothers I looked up to. Mothers who I had worked alongside, auditioned with and shared the ups and downs of life as a performer for years.

Sadly, I got a whole lot of silence. No one took me up on divulging all that it took to keep some pretty hefty balls in the air.

How my journey has led to “Performing Mothers Thrive”

I realise now that was the incident that planted the seed for what I am creating right now. It’s the reason I want you to stand alongside me.

My community “Performing Mothers Thrive” is dedicated to performing mothers. It’s a safe place for performing mothers to share everything related to motherhood and performing alike.

Evidently, the need for a like-minded, wholehearted community arose, to offer women like me, something different. Something you can be proud to be a part of where you can feel supported and uplifted. In all honesty, both motherhood and performing can present the hardest of days and the community is here for you to turn to.

Without delay, please come and join our community.

I can’t wait to meet you and for you to feel connected to other mothers who echo what is in your heart and mind.

With love, respect and admiration

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