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As your Brand Voice Strategist, we will work together to develop a unique “sound” for your Brand. One that speaks directly to your audience and is in alignment with your Brand Essence and Identity. I will be part of your team and I will help connect you to other professionals as needed to pave the way for audio excellence.

Bringing your Brand Voice to life

You are the custodian of your brand and now you need to transform it into audio content.
But where do you start?
Who can provide a sound that aligns with your “brand voice”?
There are big agencies to turn to, but you fear the size of the budgets they require.
At the same time, you can’t afford to risk your brand by outsourcing to a freelance marketplace.
And unlike written words that can easily be overlooked, when you audience hears your ad,
your audio tour, or your podcast, it cannot be unheard.
Audio projects demand sound thinking.
They also require authentication.
In the age of AI bots scouring the web for copyrighted material, you don’t want to receive a claim
for work that’s been stolen, adapted, or incorrectly licensed.
What you need is original work that will WOW your audience and amplify your brand.

Brands I've Worked With

Fast Facts About Me

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You need a Brand Voice Strategist

As your Brand Voice Strategist, my job is to bring you peace of mind that your Brand Voice is in safe hands, as Sarah Sheath experienced, when she was Senior Interpretive Planner, Department for Environment and Water.
“I had the pleasure of working with Alexandra and Justin on the audio for an historical trail for the SA National Parks Tours App. Alexandra and Justin worked seamlessly together to create unique character voices and soundscapes for five historical characters. From the casting of the voice talent, to recording in the studio, to post production, Alexandra and Justin demonstrated their commitment to producing the highest quality product. They were open and responsive to client feedback, while also providing expert direction based on their years of experience. The team put heart into their creative efforts, which was exactly what our project needed.
The polished end product exceeded expectations.”

How does a Brand Voice Strategist work with you?

There are three main phases to working with me as your Brand Voice Strategist.

At the outset, I will ask about your ideal audience. When your Brand “speaks”, it will need to use certain nuances, inflections, and tones to make the voice authentic. Whether I am writing scripts for you or simply working with your scripts, these insights and decisions lay the foundation for success.

voice strategist

The second phase is the selection of voice talent. Sometimes, you will only need my voice but in most projects we’ll need a variety of voices. This is where my alumni of vocal students and my peers in the voiceover industry will be invaluable. Instead of going out cold, trying to find vocal talent, I can help you match your requirements to the right artist.

And the final phase involves the technical team to capture raw sounds of voice and sound effects (where necessary), integrate with music, and edit to perfection. My “black book” gives you access to a network of the best audio professionals in the industry, whom we can hand pick for the bespoke team that will get the job done.

Music to your ears

Bringing your Brand to life through audio is a rich way of engaging with your audiences.
Enlisting the support and guidance of a Brand Voice Strategist is the smart way to ensure your project
captures your brand essence to create the right impression in your audiences’ minds.
And it all starts with a simple conversation.
Chat with me today and let’s explore how I might be able to help you.

As a studio owner and sound engineer who directs voice over talent for a living, I couldn’t recommend Alexandra enough. So professional, caring and amazing talent.



We have worked with Alexandra for the past 3 years. Alexandra is an extremely accomplished voice artist. She is able to understand and interpret a brief, edit and enhance a proposed script and deliver a bespoke finished product in a timely fashion. Alexandra is a delight to work with and I would have no hesitation recommending her services to any prospective client.


Stephen McNally


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