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We will work together to develop a unique “sound” for your brand. One that speaks directly to your clients and is in alignment with your brand essence and identity. As your voice strategist I work along side you.

Do your clients
hear you?

Do you want your brand to have undeniable appeal that makes others stop, look…..and listen?

One that comes to mind as being in a league of your own?

Maybe your brand is new and your just about to hit go or maybe you’ve been in the game a while now.

I’ll bet that no matter your stage, you have given careful consideration to your imagery and how it draws potential clients to your brand, your copy and how it entices them to read on and your offerings and what they bring to your clients life in your unique and brilliant way.

But let me ask you this, how much time have you spent considering the way your brand sounds?

The way your brand identity sounds to your clients? The people you work hard to give a great experience.

This is where I come in. I have lived and breathed voice over artistry for over 15 years, and I have helped countless brands across the globe, make their clients ears prick up and think….I need to have that!

My mission is to help your business to grow and be in a league of its own. With my experience as a voice strategist, we can do just that. 

Here’s an example of my work to make your ears prick up

Brands I've Worked With

Fast Facts About Me

gold microphone used by voice strategist

Your Voice Strategist in a collaborative effort.

We will talk about the kind of clients your brand is attracting and I will speak directly to them through your scripts.

Nuances, inflection and tone are the key players in making your message crystal clear to listeners. Let’s be honest, anyone can get a friend with a “great voice” or Sally from admin to voice content, but I would guess that neither can convey your unique brand essence in a way that stays in your audiences minds.

Let’s create the sound you need for your brand to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression on your clients. Making you the number one choice!

Whether you are starting out and want to create a brand that truly “speaks” to it’s audience from day one.

Or, you’ve reached a point with your brand where you know that upgrading your “sound” is next on the agenda.

I can help you – the success of your brand is my success!

What My Client Say



Here’s how we can work together

Get my voice in the studio helping your brand to create a flawless “sound” and make your clients stop, look….and listen!

Are you at the point where your ready for a re-brand on how your brand sounds to your clients?

voice strategist

Working with me means we will go over all the touch points in the way your brand can be heard. From the moment a prospective clients makes contact with your brand we need to draw them in and keep them there with what they hear! From on-hold messaging, podcast intro and outro’s to mediation audio we create a cohesive sound across the brand.


Firstly, by chatting with me on the phone. In this discovery call we will talk about your brand in depth, and from here I will be able to create your brands unique sound.


My package prices start from $5000 (AUD)

As a studio owner and sound engineer who directs voice over talent for a living, I couldn’t recommend Alexandra enough. So professional, caring and amazing talent.


Justin Astbury


We have worked with Alexandra for the past 3 years. Alexandra is an extremely accomplished voice artist. She is able to understand and interpret a brief, edit and enhance a proposed script and deliver a bespoke finished product in a timely fashion. Alexandra is a delight to work with and I would have no hesitation recommending her services to any prospective client.


Stephen McNally


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